19 Reasons to Choose AET!

"Well earned reputation of providing sound advice to
ation contractors and facility owners
on diverse environmental projects"

Alliance Environmental Systems, Inc.
Remediation Contractor

1.    Qualified Single Source/Turnkey Contracting - Under a single contract, AET's project team will supply all personnel, materials, equipment, disposal and required documentation to successfully meet your project needs.  Our turnkey services provide AET with the maximum engineering and design controls to ensure your project is completed on-time, on-budget during building demolition, remediation and restoration including renovation build-back.

2.    21st Century Service, Old Fashion Values - At AET we honor our commitments. We pay our employees a livable wage, provide paid medical and disability insurance, travel expenses, and a retirement 401K program. We pay our suppliers and vendors on-time. We don't have or need a bank line of credit; we have no outstanding debt. After 30 years it is safe to say, we are here to stay.

3.    Proven Track Record - Since 1984, AET has completed over 75,000 environmental projects for a diverse client base including industrial, commercial office buildings, school districts, colleges, medical facilities and various governmental facilities.  Our success is the result of AET's clear understanding of your project goals, timing and budgetary restraints and your business operations.  Nationwide services are provided by multiple office locations throughout the United States.

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4.    Client Satisfaction - Over 75% of AET's business is repeat business because we have earned the trust of the industry to do the job right! We save our clients money by the best utilization of their financial resources to facilitate environmental investigation, risk management, remediation, contracting and economic development.

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5.    Financial  and Insurance Resources - We maybe a small business enterprise, but our credentials arenot! Click here to compare our standard insurance coverage. 

6.    Multi-disciplinary Approach - Environmental problems rarely involve a single environmental contaminant/parameter.  All AET field personnel are cross-trained and also maintain individual technical areas of specialization.  Personnel are supported by our CIH staff,  Accredited Laboratory and our Internet reference capabilities. The environmental services we provide are diverse and comprehensive in scope.

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7.    Stability of Firm - AET's corporate ownership, including corporate officers, have remained unchanged after 30 years of service.  AET has one of the highest ratings for financial stability by Dunn and Bradstreet. Over 80% of AET's personnel have been with our firm over 8 years.  AET maintains general liability and professional liability insurance coverage with insurance carriers rated by A.M. Best "A" or Better.

8.    Full Experienced Qualified Staff - All personnel are licensed or certified in their area of expertise, so clients can be assured that their task is being resolved in the most professional and efficient manner.  Staffing includes Certified Industrial Hygienists, Certified Hazardous Material
      Managers, Certified Microbial Consultants, and trained, experienced, licensed professionals in the fields of asbestos, lead, industrial hygiene, indoor air quality, mold investigations, and environmental site assessments.         

9.  Total Quality Management
- Quality Control/Quality Assurance is our first commitment to our clients. Each project is assigned an on-site professional.  This professional's work is closely monitored by an assigned projec manager (i.e. Corporate Officer and/or CIH) for QC/QA purposes.  All AET's final work product is reviewed by principals of the firm to ensure work quality.

10.  Value Engineering
- Our objective is to save our clients time and money by prompt recognition of environmental problems and implementation of time-tested solutions.  AET has experienced team members that will coordinate ou services with your planners, architects and engineers.  Our goal is to provide a service which meets both your immediate needs as well as a proven valuable future reference.

11.  Safety First Approach
- AET personnel work daily in refineries, chemical plants and power plants as well as hospitals, colleges, museums and commercial buildings.  AET personnel are trained in Safety First and strongly adhere to clients safety and site security requirements.  Excellent ratings have been received from our clients in this regard.

12.  Emergency Response
- AET personnel have hands-on experience to conduct both remediation as well as investigative work.  Our response time can be as short as 1 hour and rarely exceeds 24 hours.  Our experienced project managers are only an 800 phone call away to answer your questions and initiate service. We provide our clients with a specific contact phone list showing cell phones and even home phone numbers to cover all contingencies and emergencies.

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13.   Expert Testimony/Litigation Support
- AET services are designed and implemented to withstand scrutiny of the litigation process.  Service protocols are based on state-of-the-art and governmental recognized sampling protocols.  AET's CIH staff has extensive experience in providing expert testimony and litigation support.

14.   Communications
- We value our clients.  That is why over 75% of AET's work is from repeat or referral customers.  We believe communications is the key.  Once defined, your problems become our concerns and your deadlines our deadlines.  Let AET's vast range of experience combine with your internal resources to work for you.

15.   Recordkeeping/Data Storage and Retention - At AET, each project is assigned a unique project number for record keeping purposes. Project files include both a hard copy of field documentation as well as prepared documentation in electronic format to permit fast access to reports, proposals and other formal documents. Project documentation is maintained in accordance with our record retention policy for a period of 4 years, after which files are destroyed for confidentiality purposes. Upon client request, AET can maintain/develop client specific data storage/retention. 

16.   Earned Trust/Performance/Reduce Liability/Lower Risk - We understand proper planning and response to spills, odors and health complaints is vital to maintain your employee assurance in your commitment to their well being.  Our scientific approach and proven solutions are designed to calm heightened concerns and provide real answers. CIH-directed investigations, project management and regulatory compliance programs demonstrate you have taken the critical steps to protect your employees health concerns.

17.   Partnering/Strategic Advice/Planning - AET partners with developers, builders, financiers and other commercial and industrial entities to ensure the best utilization of their resources during property acquisition, divestment, and development.  Our core strengths are our professional staff's qualifications, diverse project expertise and technical competence to provide sustainable, cost effective solutions.  

18.   Prevention - Training of your in-house management and maintenance staff in the recognition of environmental hazards and their preventative maintenance protocols is our best cost saving measure.  Training is performed during face-to-tace communications, formal training sessions, telephone inquiries and monthly newsletters & alerts.

19.   Corporate Integrity - If we cannot help you, we won't waste your time! But we will take our time to point you in the right direction. Our personalized service starts when we answer the phone; your business is important to us!  Our customer service model is based on repeat business and we recognize that this model can only be sustainable through client satisfaction, achieved through honesty, integrity and understanding the value of money. 

Solution Driven, Expert Skills, Rapid Response, On Time, On Budget

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