Chemical Inventory / Lab Pack / Waste Disposal Services

          AET's clients include schools, laboratories, hospitals, businesses, and manufacturing facilities with inventories of unwanted chemical products. Clients also include developers with buildings which contain chemicals, oils and fluorescent lighting; these materials must be removed prior to demolition and renovation. Most of these items have been partially used and are in the original containers; some of these chemicals are expired. In addition, waste materials are sometimes unknown or are in unlabeled containers. Waste chemicals take up valuable work space and can pose a serious health risk to occupants when stored improperly, containers are damaged or a release of these chemicals occurs.

          Solution: AET has proven knowledge and resources to properly identify and characterize these chemical products and coordinate their safe disposal.

AET's field chemist/industrial hygienist develop a comprehensive listing of the unwanted chemicals/containers at the client's site. Specific information is documented according to the table headings below:

Quanity of

AET's field professionals will segregate the identified chemicals according to their chemical type/compatibility and package them in DOT approved containers. Damaged containers will be repackaged. Unknown chemicals will be tested to verify content, as necessary. Lab Pack personnel will also characterize materials into an appropriate DOT shipping class such as flammable liquids, poisons, etc...

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The EPA regulates hazardous waste under RCRA (40 CFR Part 261) from "cradle-to-grave". This phrase indicates that every step in the process of managing hazard waste is important and you the (generator) are responsible and potentially liable for managing your hazardous waste from the day it was generated to its final disposal.

          AET CIH staff professionals oversee the entire waste disposal process including transporting waste (both regulated / non-regulated) to an EPA permitted disposal facility using properly permitted vehicles. AET CIHs are also experienced in selecting the most cost effective type of disposal facility to be utilized for end disposal. End disposal can include incineration of almost all waste types, waste water treatments of acids and bases, incineration of solvents as fuels and/or stabilization and landfill of acceptable materials. AET's experience indicates that landfill of waste is generally the least expensive disposal option while incineration tends to be the most expensive. However, incineration offers the most protection for our clients future liability since waste is virtually destroyed by the process.

          Finally, AET CIH staff will compile all project records including transport and disposal of documentation to verify the completed cradle to grave response action. (see project profiles)

Documentation, Documentation, Documentation... Cost Effective Performance

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