Inspections, Testing & Project Management

The Department of Business and Professional regulations (DBPR) enforces the licensing requirements of environmental professionals in the State of Florida. In order to obtain licensing individuals must demonstrate specific certifications, education, training, and project experience and pass a state-approved examination.

Florida Licensed Asbestos Consultants (AET’s License #ZA0000165)

Chapter 469 of the Florida statutes details the licensing requirements of an asbestos consultant. Only environmental professionals with certifications as a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH), Certified Safety Professional (CSP), Professional Engineer (PE), Architect and Professional Geologist (PG) are eligible to obtain licensing. Once licensing is achieved, the asbestos consultant can supervise other AHERA trained professionals in the asbestos disciplines of project designer, management planner, building inspector and project monitor.

By regulation, services provided by a Florida Licensed asbestos consultant include:

Section 62-204.800 of the Florida Administrative Code adopted EPA NESHAP requirements for the inspections of work sites and the proper handling, disposal and shipping of asbestos waste.  Notifications are submitted to the Florida DEP on standard form 62-257.900 for renovations of regulated materials (>160 lf/260 sf) and all demolition projects regardless of the presence of ACM.  

Asbestos Contractors who remove, encapsulate or enclose ACM or dispose of ACM waste require separate licensing.

Florida Licensed Mold Consultant (AET’s License #MRSA159)

Chapter 468 of the Florida statutes require the licensing of mold assessors and mold remediation contractors. Mold licensing is designed to protect public safety/welfare, prevent damage to real and personal property and to avert economic injury.

Mold assessors are responsible for a detailed evaluation/inspection of a work site/structure to determine the origin, identity, location and extent of amplification of mold growth where it exceeds 10 square feet.

Why Chose AET for your Florida Licensed Asbestos/Mold Projects?

  1. AET’s services are implemented/managed by CIH/CHMM with over 30 years of project experience.
  2. Project expertise includes all phases of construction, renovation, maintenance and demolition.
  3. Project support is performed by a diverse professional staff consisting of additional CIH/CHMM’s, PE’s, Building Inspectors and Project Mangers.
  4. AET's emergency response capabilities, quick decision-making, and time-tested solutions can save you both time and money with minimal business interference while addressing your public health and safety concerns.

To Perspective Applicants contact Alan Sutherland at 610-891-0114 for an interview and an opportunity to join AET’s professional consulting/contracting team.

To Perspective Clients email AET at corporate@aetinc.biz or call 1-800-9696-AET for a professional consultation/advice.