Pittsburgh Asbestos Inspections/Project Management

The County of Allegheny, Pennsylvania adopted specific rules and regulations for asbestos projects which are enforced by the Allegheny County Health Department (ACHD). Licensing of asbestos professionals (individuals) and asbestos contractors is administered by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Labor. ACHD mandates a requirement for a separate permit for work performed in Allegheny County based on the amount of asbestos abated.

Section 2105.63 of the Allegheny County regulations mandates procedures and practices to perform asbestos abatement including:

Why Choose AET for your Allegheny County Asbestos Services

  1. AET is a Pennsylvania corporation; We began our asbestos services in 1984 (over 28 years of project experience). 100 projects have been completed in Allegheny County and others are ongoing on a daily basis.
  2. AET’s Pittsburgh Asbestos services are supervised by our CIH Staff and implemented by PA Licensed Asbestos Professionals. Our Pittsburgh branch manager has over 20 years of Allegheny County-related project experience including many high profile projects.
  3. AET’s Project expertise includes diverse environmental contaminants (not just asbestos) which may be present and impacted during construction, renovations, maintenance, and demolition. Our decision-making is designed to effectively and economically manage any/all contaminants found and achieve a successful on-time/on-budget project.
  4. AET’s project managers can provide prompt results followed by quick decision-making while maintaining the necessary QC/QA to ensure the accuracy and reliability of your sampling results. We routinely save our clients time and money while complying fully with OSHA/EPA, PA, and Allegheny County asbestos regulations.

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