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OSHA’s General Duty Clause mandates each employer to furnish a place of employment which is free of recognized hazards that are causing or likely to cause death or serious physical harm to their employees. OSHA Standards include General Industry Standards (29 CFR 1910), Construction Industry Standards (29 CFR 1926), and Maritime Standards (29 CFR 1915).

OSHA’s Health Based Standards are based on exposure monitoring of affected employees performing site specific tasks to determine compliance with applicable PELs or Action Limits promulgated for each hazardous material/chemicals.

A listing of General Industry Standards which AET’s CIH Staff are uniquely knowledgeable and trained include:

AET’s professional staff are also actively involved in compliance with construction site safety issues as it relates to the following OSHA Construction Industry Standards.

Why AET for your regulatory compliance issues?

  1. AET’s professional staff includes CIH services. Thousands of projects have been successfully completed and others are on going.
  2. AET’s regulatory compliance specialists are industrial hygienist with specific training in the recognition, evaluation and control of hazards materials/chemicals in the work place. Both direct reading instrumentation and integrated air sampling equipment are maintained to both determine the sources of emissions as well as compliance with the regulatory standards.

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