Experienced Licensed Asbestos Investigators, Inspectors, Designers, Management Planners and Project Monitors


New York City adopted specific standards, procedures and licensing for asbestos work pursuant to the Department of Environmental Protection’s Asbestos Control Program Rules and Regulations (Title 15, Chapter 1). These regulations require any entity involved in asbestos abatement projects (contractors or monitors) to create an account with the NYC Department of Environmental Protection’s Asbestos Reporting and Tracking System. This electronic system is accessible through the DEP’s website for filing notifications, requesting variances, submitting amendments and closing out projects. This site is linked to the Department of Buildings and project monitors must complete the project closeout process before any application for a construction permit will be reviewed.

Asbestos Investigator - These certified professionals identify the presence, quantity, location, and evaluate the condition of all ACM/PACM in a building or portion of a building before any permittable construction activity. This investigator is required to submit either an ACP5 form to the DEP indicating the site is asbestos free or an ACP7 form identifying the amount of ACM that will be impacted by the proposed alteration, renovation or demolition work.


Asbestos abatement in the State of New York are regulated by the Department of Labor under Industrial Code Rule 56. Certification and training of individuals who work in the asbestos industry are also regulated by the Department of Labor. Building Owners are required to utilize certified inspectors employed by licensed contractors to determine whether any building or structure or portions thereof to be demolished, renovated, remodeled, or have repair work, contains ACM/PACM or asbestos material. Any such material identified must be properly abated in advance of scheduled construction activity and the abatement and monitoring must be conducted by certified individuals employed by licensed contractors in accordance with ICR56.

Asbestos Project Designer - These asbestos professionals design response actions, prepare work plans, variance requests and specifications for asbestos work including the scope, timing and phasing of remediation actions.

Management Planner - These asbestos professionals review building inspection reports, evaluate ACM risk, assess ACM hazards, recommend response actions and develop schedules for response action implementation.

Inspector - These asbestos professionals identify the presence, quantity and location and assess the condition of ACM in your building or work site. Bulk samples are collected of suspect ACM to confirm/deny asbestos content in these building materials.

Project Monitor - This licensed professional oversees the scope, timing and phasing of remediation actions on asbestos abatement projects.

Air Sampling Technician - These licensed professionals perform air sampling throughout the course of asbestos abatement projects (including background, pre-abatement, abatement and post-abatement clearance air monitoring).


  1. AET services both Northern New Jersey and New York Areas. We began our asbestos services in 1984 (over 30 years of project expertise). Thousands of projects have been completed and others are ongoing on a daily basis.
  2. AET’s staff includes professionals who maintain specific licensing in every asbestos discipline required by the NYS/NYC Standards. Sufficient personnel are maintained to manage multiple projects and address all project contingencies, to ensure cost effective, on-time, on-budget, completed projects.

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