MD, VA, DC Asbestos Professionals

Asbestos Inspections, Testing & Project Management

Maryland Asbestos Regulations

The State of Maryland has adopted specific standards, procedures and licensing for asbestos work as adopted in the MD Department of the Environment COMAR regulations Part 26, Subpart 11. Contractors who remove, repair or encapsulate ACM must be licensed. Individuals who perform asbestos services such as worker/supervisor, inspector, management planner and project designer must be trained by an MD approved training provider. However, individual licenses are not mandated.

Some unique interpretations/clarifications and requirements of MD regulations include:

Virginia Asbestos Regulations

The VA Department of Labor and Industry (DOLI) regulates asbestos abatement and removal through the enforcement of the VA Occupational Safety and Health regulations and EPA/NESHAP Standards. Companies as well as individuals are licensed for each of the AHERA specified asbestos disciplines. Laboratories who perform PCM and PLM analysis are also licensed. Asbestos project plans to remove 10 LF or 10 SF require notification to the DOLI and include a permit fee. All demolition projects require notification regardless if ACM is present in the structure.

Some unique interpretations/clarifications and requirements of VA regulations include:

Washington, DC Asbestos Regulations

The District of Columbia’s Department of the Environment has adopted specific standards, procedures, licensing and enforcement requirements for the supervision of asbestos work per Rule 20-800: Control of Asbestos. Prior to asbestos work, a notification must be submitted to the DdoE within 10 working days in advance and accompanied by a permit fee.

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