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The City of Philadelphia adopted specific standards, procedures and licensing for asbestos work pursuant to Title 6 of Philadelphia's Health Code in Chapter 6-600 Asbestos Projects; Asbestos Control Regulation (ACR). Licensing, training and certification of individual asbestos professionals and laboratories is obtained through Philadelphia Air Management services. Additionally, Philadelphia Air Management provides oversight and enforcement for asbestos projects including review of notifications, permits and applied variance requests.

Asbestos Investigators - These licensed professionals identify the presence, quantity and locations of ACM/PACM in your building or the work site. Investigators perform pre-construction surveys and generate formal Section X Asbestos Reports which are required to be provided to the Department of Licenses and Inspections to obtain a building permit prior to demolition/renovation/alterations. A copy of the Section X Asbestos Report must be posted and provided to each contractor involved in the project and made available to all workers on the project.

Asbestos Project Inspectors- These licensed professionals are retained by the building owner to monitor the asbestos project for conformance with the ACR. Responsibilities include initial, project and clearance air sampling along with visual inspections during the course of the asbestos project. The primary goal is for compliance of the work activity in order to protect building occupants and the general public from exposure to asbestos.


1.     AET is a Philadelphia-based asbestos consultant. We have been successfully completed asbestos projects since 1989 (the year when the Philadelphia regulations were first promulgated). Thousands of projects have been completed and others are ongoing on a daily basis.

2.     AET is the largest employer of Philadelphia licensed asbestos investigators and asbestos project inspectors which enables us to manage multiple projects and address all project contingencies, to ensure cost effective, on-time, on-budget, completed projects.   

3.     AET's Project Managers provide prompt inspection and laboratory results followed by quick decision making while maintaining the necessary QC/QA to ensure the accuracy and reliability of your sampling results. We routinely save our clients time and money while complying fully with the Philadelphia Asbestos Regulations.

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