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          Since our founding in 1984, AET's Environmental Science Laboratory has set the benchmark for our quality control and quality assurance commitment to our clients to provide the highest quality professional environmental consulting services. AIHA-LAP, LLC accreditation is the crown achievement of this benchmark and accreditation was received in 1986. AIHA-LAP, LLC accreditation mandates an independent peer review of our laboratories personnel, equipment, procedures and policies. In addition, quarterly proficiency testing rounds must be passed each year to demonstrate our laboratory's continued result accuracy.

          THIS IS NOT A 1-SHOT DEAL! Re-accreditation must be proven every 3 years by an on-site peer inspection of our facilities, personnel, and quality control/quality assurance procedures as detailed in our written laboratory quality assurance manual. Since 1986, AET's laboratory has been re-accredited on 8 consecutive separate occasions (1989, 1992, 1995, 1998, 2001, 2004, 2007, 2010).


Our first commitment to total laboratory quality management is the education, training and experience of our laboratory staff.

Our Services

          Asbestos - AET's laboratory maintains the following accreditations, certifications/registrations and/or licenses for asbestos analysis:

          Mold - AET's laboratory also demonstrates a proficiency rating for mold spore air quality by the AIHA EMPAT Fungal Direct Exam Program. To date, AET's laboratory has maintained a proficiency rating in 14 consecutive testing rounds.

          IH, IAQ and Other Environmental Contaminants - AET's laboratory also serves a daily quality control role in all field samples submitted to outside laboratories. Only state licensed and accredited laboratories are selected for use. AET's laboratory personnel are actively involved in ensuring that samples are properly collected, preserved, transported and analyzed in subcontracted laboratories.

AIHA Recognition as Training Resource

          AET's NIOSH 582 Equivalent Training Course is recognized by the American Industrial Hygiene Association. AET's course is specific for environmental professionals involved in the collection and analysis of asbestos air quality samples.

          AET's NIOSH 582 Equivalent Course is listed on the AIHA website having met the requirements of the AIHA Registry Programs LLC.

AIHA Registry Programs, LLC Reviewed NIOSH 582 Equivalent Course Listing

          Being listed indicates AET's course outline, training materials, reference documents, equipment, instructors qualifications, certificate and final examinations meet the NIOSH Equivalency Requirements. AET's course is one (1) of only 11 in the country to be listed!

          AIHA recognition is a testament of AET's professional field and laboratory qualifications and quality control.

2011 Performance Data

          Airborne Asbestos Samples: Approximately 13,200 airborne asbestos samples were analyzed by Phase Contrast Microscopy (PCM); 94.6% were analyzed within 24 hours or less. Bulk Asbestos Samples: Approximately 9500 bulk asbestos samples were analyzed by Polarized Light Microscopy (PLM); 85.7% were analyzed within 24 hours or less

          Mold Samples: Approximately 94 mold samples were analyzed; 92.8% within 24 hours or less

          While you Wait Samples: Approximately 560 asbestos and mold samples were analyzed with 1 hour or less turnaround time to meet client project demands.

          AET understands the demands and time/cost implications of laboratory delays on field decision-making. We routinely analyze samples which are driven to our laboratory within one hour of arrival to ensure the continued production and safety of ongoing renovation and demolition work.

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