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ASBESTOS - Pennsylvania and Philadelphia Projects

PA-NJ Refineries (Since 1994)

          Asbestos surveys of these industrial facilities including refinery production areas(such as columns, towers, piping systems) and associated office areas. Daily asbestos project monitoring services during refinery operations, maintenance and shutdowns.

Major Banking Facilities (Since 1988)

          Asbestos surveys and design of O&M Plans at over 250 branch and corporate headquarter facilities located throughout the states of PA, NJ, DE, and NY. Annual reinspections are performed at each facility. Project management includes coordination of the bid process and remediation based on reinspection findings and planned renovations within each facility. Emergency response to IAQ, Mold, Water Damage, UST's and other environmental issues are also provided, upon request.

Philadelphia Market Street Retail Renovation (Philadelphia API)

         Asbestos project design, development of project specifications, coordination of the bid process and API services during comprehensive renovation of a former Woolworth store located at 1044 Market Street.  The 2nd floor and basement levels will be converted to a charter school and the 1st floor to a TJ Max.  All work was completed per City of Philadelphia asbestos regulations and EPA AHERA (for school floors).

Philadelphia School District

          One year term contract (with option for two additional years) to provide asbestos consulting/laboratory services for the school system in compliance with EPA AHERA and City of Philadelphia asbestos regulations.  Daily activities include evaluation of imminent hazards, preparation of response plans and project management including final clearance testing.  Our asbestos investigators also perform 6 month periodic inspections per AHERA.  AET is also actively involved in the implementation of an innovative investigation regarding mold and moisture studies between the school district and NIOSH.

City of Philadelphia Section X Permits

          Certified Asbestos Investigator services to visually inspect and identify locations of surfacing, thermal system insualtion, and miscellaneous ACM prior to renovations or demolition operations.  Section X reports are mandatory in order to obtain permits from Philadelphia Licenses & Inspections.  Daily inspections are performed throughout the City of Philadephia including such prestigious building locations as 833 East Chestnut Street, PNB Building, Independence National Historical Park, John Wanamaker Building and Albert Einstein Medical Center.

Oldest Private Men’s Club in US

          Asbestos survey, development of asbestos scope of work, coordination of the bid process and Philadelphia Asbestos Project Inspector Services at this Center City Philadelphia prestigious location. Asbestos work completed in compliance with Section VII Standards of Major Asbestos Projects of Philadelphia’s Asbestos Control Regulations (ACR). Abatement included glove bag removal of pipe insulation in the basement and 3rd Floor Kitchen/Storage Hallway area via enclosure tunnel. In addition, tank insulation and floor tile were removed in negatively pressurized containments within the basement.

ASBESTOS - Pittsburgh/Allegheny County Projects

Property Conversion (Apartments and Charter School)

          Extensive renovations of former Bell Telephone building into 158 one and two bedroom luxury highrise apartments and a multi-floor charter school in downtown Pittsburgh.  This property was selected to be on the National Register of Historical Places.  Asbestos removal operations were completed (involving sprayed-on fireproofing, pipe insulation and flooring materials) prior to renovations and construction build back in compliance with Allegheny Health Departments asbestos regulations.

ASBESTOS - Delaware Projects

Large Chemical Manufacturer (Asbestos/Lead Health & Safety - in PA, DE, NJ, CT, and WV)

          Various term contracts to provide health and safety consulting for asbestos and lead in Wilmington, DE corporate headquarters and manufacturing facilities. Services at Cape Fear, NC facility also included a plant wide asbestos survey. Services at Kinston, NC plant included expanded health and safety roles as the site Evergreen Coordinator, Safety Prism Team Member and Training Instructor.  Projects completed in 1985 - 1989.

Private Children’s Hospital

          Asbestos project design, development of project plans and specifications and Delaware project monitoring during asbestos containing roof removal/replacement.  In addition, asbestos inspections, laboratory analysis and Delaware project monitor services have been completed in mechanical areas. 

Delaware Asbestos Project Monitor (Mellon Bank Building)

          Asbestos survey, project specifications and project management/air monitoring during the comprehensive removal of ACM throughout this 17 story highrise bank facility in downtown Wilmington, DE.  Work was completed on a floor-by-floor basis while the building was occupied.  Abatement on each floor included spray-applied fireproofing on the concrete deck, ACM associated with mechanical systems and flooring materials.  A water blasting system was employed by the asbestos contractor for fine cleaning purposes, since a sealer had been applied to the fireproofing(rendering standard practices impractical).

ASBESTOS - New Jersey Projects

Port Authority Transit Corporation (Asbestos/Lead Health & Safety)

          Asbestos and Lead based paint consulting and analytical services in conjunction with operations of passenger trains, terminals and maintenance facilities on PATCO's Passenger Train System.

ASBESTOS - New York Projects

Bell Atlantic, NY Telephone, NYNEX... Verizon (Over 600 buildings)

          Blanket contract to perform asbestos and led consulting an analytical services in New York City, Long Island and Upstate New York. After the merger of New York Telephone with New England Telephone, AET's services were expanded to cover NYNEX facilities throughout New England (NH, VT, CT, ME). AET also provided IAQ services on a regularly scheduled and response basis for OSHA compliance, complaint assessments, HVAC inspections and baseline IAQ surveys following fires, explosions and other industrial accidents. These services culminated in a multi-year contract to provide IAQ monitoring services for all NYNEX facilities in New York City and its boroughs under a separate purchase order. Contract period from 1987 to 1995.

New York Penn Station, Long Island Railroad Terminal

          Asbestos and lead consulting during the removal of spray-on fireproofing and thermal system insulation prior to major facility renovations. Work was performed as a multi-year phased project (isolated by solid construction barriers and negative pressure) in accordance with New York State asbestos regulations. Work was completed without interruption of train service and up to 100,000 passengers per day passing near the asbestos work areas. All work was completed under contract with Bechtel Corporation.

New York Air Route Traffic Control Center

          Asbestos consulting and laboratory services during the removal of sprayed on fireproofing on the structural decking at the Federal Aviation Administration's New York Air Route Traffic Control Center at MacArthur Airport in Islip, NY. Asbestos removal was completed on platforms constructed above the air traffic control center to permit continuous occupancy and no interruption to air traffic control activities. Asbestos monitoring was conducted 24 hours per day, 7 days per week to document "no exposure level or asbestos air quality impact to occupied areas". Work was performed by AET under contract with Raytheon who represented the FAA on this project.

ASBESTOS - Maryland, Virginia and DC Projects

Chevron, Baltimore Maryland Asphalt Refinery 

          Asbestos facility survey and project management during asbestos removal to facilitate plant decommissioning.  An estimated 90 tons of asbestos was removd over 16 months inclouding 7 miles of pipe insulation on exterior lines and pipe racks.  Work was accomplished incident free, including the removal of nine 24 inch diameter pipe lines traversing a 200 foot wide, operating railroad trestle.  

Investment Building Prior to Sale (Maryland Department of Environment)

          Asbestos/Lead inspections, preparation of work plan/project specification and project management during abatement to facilitate comprehensive HVAC and structural renovations at this 14 story office building in Towson, Maryland.  All work was closely coordinated with the Maryland Department of Environment as the County of Baltimore was the major tenant in the building.

ASBESTOS - Nationwide Projects

Columbia Tower South Carolina

          Asbestos Consulting Services (Building Inspection, Specifications and Project Management) during the removal of spray-applied fireproofing within this high rise, multi-tenant office building in the downtown of the State Capital. Removal was performed on a floor by floor basis while adjacent floors were occupied. Project efficiencies and phasing permitted this project to be completed on-budget and ahead of the project schedule.  Work was completed for a National Life Insurance Company.

Retail Stores (Nationwide Since 2001)

          Asbestos building surveys prior to property leasing or build-outs at over 350 retail facilities located in 40 states. Facility sizes range from 2000 to 10,000 square feet. Water damage and mold assessments also completed as building conditions mandate.

REIT (Nationwide Since 1990)

          Asbestos surveys and project management at over 55 shopping centers and strip malls (ranging in size from 25,000 sf to 1,000,000 sf) in 26 states throughout the US. Project management includes preparation of project specification/design documents, coordination of the bid process and coordination/quality control management of the completed work. Operations and Maintenance (O&M) plans have been prepared by AET to manage building materials in-place. IAQ and Mold and other environmental issues are implemented upon request.

General Motors (21 GMSPO Asbestos Surveys - Nationwide)

          Comprehensive asbestos surveys of 21 service and parts operation plants in 15 states (GA, OH, CO, FL, MI, MO, IL, MA, WV, TX, OR, CA, MN, NV, PA). The size of the facilities ranged from 160,000 to 2.2 million square feet. Surveys included labeling of asbestos containing materials, schematic drawings to document sample locations and development of site specific operations and maintenance programs for each facility. Projects completed in 1994 and 1995.

National Supermarket (Asbestos and Lead Surveys - PA, NJ, DE, MD, MA, VT & NH)

          Pre-renovation asbestos surveys and XRF inspections for lead-based paint in over 40 occupied supermarket facilities ranging from 20,000-80,000 SF.  Inspection reports include analytical results, facility descriptions, photos and marked-up Auto Cad drawings.  Inspection reports are utilized to control the disturbance of these materials and/or define a scope of work for abatement prior to renovation activities


Roosevelt Arms Apartments (HUD Funded Highrise Apartment Building)

          Combination lead based paint building inspection and risk assessment comprised of 190 one bedroom units in Pittsburgh, PA. Work was completed in accordance with HUD protocol due to HUD funding of these apartment units.

Not-for-Profit Community Action Agencies (PA)

          Lead-based paint inspections and risk assessments at over 60 single family homes purchased using federal grant monies for rehabilitation. Periodic site inspections to verify Lead Safe Work Practices during the rehabilitation process (including residences with children having elevated blood lead levels). Final clearance testing (visual inspection and surface testing) to verify completion of lead abatement per HUD standards. Assistance also being provided to owner occupied properties. Clients served included Delaware County, PA and City of Chester, PA.

Friends School

          Lead-based paint inspections and risk assessments at K-12 School and adjacent residential buildings including both student dormitories and employee/staff occupancy. Periodic onsite monitoring to evaluate Interim Controls and Lead Safe Work Practices during lead abatement. Final clearance testing (visual inspection and surface testing) to verify completion of lead abatement per HUD standards.

Stanley Holmes Village and Extension (Atlantic City Housing Authority)

          Lead-Based Paint identification surveys (XRF) testing, lead risk assessments, lead abatement specifications, supervision of bid meetings, review of bid documents, project management, air sampling and analysis, wipe sampling for clearance and waste characterization in conjunction with the comprehensive renovation of this 44 building residential facility with 442
multi-bedroom dwelling units.

Camden County Community Development (NJ)

          Annual term contract to perform lead-based paint inspections and risk assessments at owner occupied single family residences in Camden, New Jersey.  To date, approximately 40 residences have been abated in accordance with Lead Safe Renovation Practices.  AET was also responsible for final clearance testing (visual inspection and surface wipe sampling) to verify project completion.

Property Sale (Lead Contamination from Soldering)

          Initial inspection/testing and phased component removal cleaning at a computer board manufacturer due to lead constmination from previous soldering operations.

OSHA Compliant Lead Awareness Training

          Lead awareness training for a construction crew handling LBP coated building components in conjunction with the renovation of a production facility owned by a major pharmaceutical company. The training curriculum was designed for compliance with OSHA's Lead Standard for the Construction Industry. AET also provided contractor oversight and airborne lead monitoring during the renovation as well as post- renovation wipe sampling to document the absence of lead surface dust following completion of the work.


Emergency Response Spill Clean-Up

          AET's hazardous material team responded to a spill of liquid mercury from a broken equipment gauge at an environmental remediation/construction site. Visible mercury was present on floor surfaces and exterior soil on ground surfaces adjacent to a partially demolished structure. AET's in-house remediation equipment includes a Nilfisk Advanced model mercury vacuum (which is specifically designed for mercury spills and vapors). This unit contains both HEPA filters for dust/particulates and treated activated charcoal filters to collect mercury vapors. Work was completed the same day as the client contact. Waste was properly manifested and disposal completed.

Environmental Contracting: Demolition Elevator Switch Gear Panels

          Planned renovations involving HVAC and electrical upgrades in the Penthouse of a high rise office building required the demolition of an elevator switch gear panel. Approximately 90 liquid mercury containing switches were affixed to the panel. AET was hired to demolish the switchgear panel and dispose of the liquid and solid mercury waste. Work was performed within a negatively pressurized containment. Liquid mercury was collected and disposed of as D009 Hazardous Waste. The switchgear panels were disassembled, bagged and disposed of in DOT certified drums as low level, mercury contaminated waste. The enclosure surfaces were then cleaned with an amalgam powder and the area reopened for initiation of renovation activities.

National Grid's Liquid Natural Gas Liquifaction Plant

          Predemolition inspection for hazardous materials including asbestos identification survey, lead-based paint survey, waste characterization testing and a PCB identification. Preparation of project specifications for site remediation in accordance with NYC DOB, NYC DEP, and FDNY.

Decommissioning: Corporate Research Laboratory

          CIH services to a Fortune 500 client at their corporate headquarters including a review of historical records to document past chemical usage, employee interviews regarding chemical storage/disposal practices, and inspection of the building's HVAC and sanitary systems, and development of a written decommissioning program. In accordance with the program, AET now provides periodic monitoring of the facility to evaluate laboratory fume hoods and drain systems for airborne concentrations of VOC's, hydrogen sulfide and mercury.


Worldwide Corporate Headquarters (Since 1990)

          AET was retained as the environmental consultant at this 18 building complex comprised of both offices and research laboratories for this Fortune 100 client. Recent IAQ investigations include formaldehyde from interior finishing replacements including carpeting and mold/water damage from roof repairs. Many of these buildings have spray-applied asbestos containing fireproofing on the structural decking. AET is actively involved in the management of these materials in-place.

Banking Facilities - PA, NJ, DE, MD & NY

          Rapid response to odor complaints in bank branches including site inspections and air quality testing.  Completed solutions include HVAC modifications, water damage/mold remediation, repair of construction deficiencies and source removal.

LEED Certification - New Construction (Microsoft School of the Future)

          Baseline indoor environmental quality testing at this 3-story, 62,000 SF school facility in Philadelphia, PA after construction and prior occupancy.  Sampling was performed at 13 locations based on square footage serviced by multiple HVAC air handling units and the building configuration.  Air quality testing was performed for formaldehyde, PM10, TVOCs, 4-PCH and CO compared to LEED maximum concentrations EQ 3.2 credit.


Offices of the Philadelphia Orchestra

          Emergency response identified the odor was the result of moisture impact to fiberboard duct in the HVAC system.  AET identified the cause of the HVAC malfunction, developed a mold remediation scope of work and supervised completion of required remediation work

Hidden Steam Leaks Within Wall Cavity

          Occupant complaints of pungent odor in a bank facility resulted in an IAQ/Mold Inspection. Infrared thermography using an IR camera identified leaks on the steam line and steam condensate line within the wall cavity below the 1st Floor. The basement plaster ceiling and a section of the 1st floor were removed to fix the leak. Mold remediation was then completed and final visual inspection and Air-O-Cell mold spore sampling (mold clearance) was performed to confirm project completion.

Intermittent Sewer Gas Odor (Large Commercial Office Facility)

          IAQ investigation into reported intermittent foul odor in an isolated cubicle area of this former office/printing facility which had been converted into an office-only building complex with multiple tenants. HVAC design incorporated a common air return plenum for each of the tenant spaces. No specific time correlation was established for the occurrence. Inspection identified several small capacity waste lift stations associated with kitchenette facilities and discovered one vent line, which was open within a wall cavity space and did not extend through the roofing system. The odor occurred as a result of line pressurization during the intermittent operation of the lift station forcing the accumulated sewer gas out of the piping system. As a result the odor migrated into the occupied space. Once identified, the line was extended through the roof venting odors outdoors and completing the project.

Sewer Gas - Banking Facility Basement

          IAQ investigation identified an improper tie-in from the basement bathrooms to a sub-floor sewer line. AET was able to delineate the location of the problem and the line was reconfigured/sealed thus eliminating the odor and eliminating employee complaints.

Natural Gas from Hot Water Heater (Early Morning Hours Only)

          Numerous visits by the local fire department failed to identify the source of natural gas odors in a Landover, MD Bank Facility during morning opening hours. AET utilized a Gas-Trac NGX-5 meter to identify a leak in the by-pass switch for the pilot light in the hot water heater. AET determined that the facility HVAC unit was on set-back mode (i.e., minimal operation) during off hours. The gas leak on the water heater allowed vapor build up in the mechanical room resulting in a concentration gradient which was entrained in the unit during initiation of normal operation mode (i.e., approximately 0830 daily). During the course of normal operations, the gas level was reduced due via dilution ventilation.


Kimmel Center, Concert Hall

          Moisture assessment services following the uncontrolled release of a sprinkler deluge system within the stage/balcony area of the Verizon Concert Hall; affected locations included seating areas, hardwood floors, acoustical residence chambers, stage lift areas, and backstage/below stage temporary stoage.  AET's decision making formulated the emergency response for drying and restoration activities.  AET also served in a project management role for quality control verification of the restoration process.

New Modular Construction

          AET provides CIH expertise to assist the manufacturer in the development of formal methodology for inspection and remedial action of modular units from water impact. Field inspections (visual inspection, moisture measurement, infrared thermography, and select demolition) performed when water impact has occurred and mold growth is suspected. Coordinate removal of impacted building materials, when necessary.

Multi-State Dialysis Facilities

          Proactive investigations to evaluate building conditions related to moisture impact/mold growth involving the exterior building envelope and interior plumbing systems. Critical decision-making to develop/implement remediation solutions, where necessary.

Commercial Office Park

          Water damage assessment of 3 large commercial 1 story on-slab structures following extensive rainfall and resulting flood conditions. Water ponded to a height of 2-3 feet in the buildings parking lots and flowed into the structures to a height 2-4 inches of water on the floors. AET developed site-specific recommendations based on visual inspection, moisture measurement testing and infrared thermography. Our recommendations were used to make cost effective decision making plans for remediation.

Real Estate Due Diligence (Prior to Purchase)

          This 4-story concrete panel exterior facility in Wilmington Delaware had a history of moisture intrusion episodes and was being purchased by a banking institution from an insurance company.  AET's assessment identified failure of exterior caulked concrete joints and improperly installed/ failed windows at the property. Further, pest control issues (mice) were noted due to openings within the perimeter wall sections. Solutions were implemented (paid by the seller) prior to purchasing and relocation by the buyer to use this facility as a processing and office site.

Women's Health Center, Lebanon, PA

          Restoration of water damaged building materials following flooding of the basements in two multi-story hospital buildings.  Asbestos containing floor tile/mastic was removed under asbestos abatement protocols.  Work was conducted on an accelerated schedule (16 hours per day, 7 days per week over 30 days) and included cleaning of building surfaces on adjacent floors.  Daily project monitoring including final clearance testing was performed for asbestos, mold spores and gram-negative bacteria.


Elementary School Library

          Emergency response during the summer months prior to school opening to investigate mold growth on books, files, building materials and mechanical systems as a result of elevated relative humidity within the library caused by the malfunctioning of the HVAC system. A detailed scope of work formulated and incorporated into project plans and specifications for public bid. Quality assurance monitoring during remediation including public relations with district personnel, the district solicitor and the insurance carrier. Work was completed in time for school openinG.

Pharmaceutical:  Employee Cafeteria

          Preparation of mold remediation work plan, continuous project management/monitoring and post remediation validation sampling (clearance) to meet strict "no affect" standards of the pharmaceutilcal manufacturing facility during the removal of mold-impacted perimeter walls in the emplyee cafeteria.  This facility operates 24/7 and continuously monitors mold air quality to meet internal quality control standards.  No mold spore impact was noted during the project.

Public School District Natatorium (Northeast Region)

          The original 1970s design of the natatorium included a desiccant rotating wheel air exchange unit (which had previously been removed from service). High humidity levels resulted, causing unsightly discoloration and mold growth on the spray-on acoustical ceiling material; requiring remediation. AET developed a comprehensive remediation specification for public bid along with advertisement for bid, management of the bid process and remediation management during removal of the acoustical ceiling. AET also assisted the district contracted engineering firm for redesign/replacement of HVAC equipment.

Exterior Ground/Stormwater (Basement Walls)

          Water intrusion through the concrete block basement walls at this four-story bank facility in southern New Jersey resulted in mold and moisture damage. Locations of moisture intrusion were delineated utilizing infrared thermography. AET formulated a remediation plan, performed mold remediation contracting and provided insights and recommendations for exterior waterproofing and installation of a drain system to control future water intrusion problems.


Passenger Railroad (Nationwide since 1986)

          IH exposure assessments for OSHA compliance purposes at major rail terminals, substations, and maintenance facilities. Dust and heavy metals (arsenic, lead, chromium) as well as solvents from painting and cleaning operations are evaluated during railcar repair and/or refurbishing. Emergency response to IAQ concerns completed upon request. Large scale projects for soil and groundwater investigations and UST removal/closure have also been completed.

Hampton VA Medical Center

          Comprehensive Industrial Hygiene services as part of a 12 month term contract for this research hospital facility.  The Hampton VA Medical Center is the 4th oldest medical center in the VA system; the facility provides for ongoing medical research as well as maintains a 468-bed facility which serves a 15 county area in eastern Virginia and 10 county area in Northeastern North Carolina.  AET provided for occupational exposures monitoring of medical staff, maintenance personnel, including evaluation of engineering controls and work practices.  Of key note was the inventory of a hospital, research and maintenance division for chemical inventory purposes.  A room-by-room inventory was completed for entry into the hospitals computerized database sysetm.  Services were coordinated directly with the Health and Safety Department of the VAMC.


Former Newspaper Printing Plant (Conversion to Condominiums)

          AET's hazardous material inspection identified 8 abandoned transformers in the basement of this large industrial facility in Philadelphia, PA. AET's investigation confirmed PCB contamination in the transformer fluid and associated spills on the concrete floor and equipment pads in the basement. AET compiled site data and prepared an EPA approved Self Implementing PCB Cleanup Plan. AET served as the general contractor for the remediation (removal/disposal) of PCB contaminated materials. Post remediation validation sampling utilizing core samples of the concrete surfaces confirmed project completion per 40 CFR 761. This facility has been redeveloped into luxury condominiums.

Philadelphia High-Rise Office - Healthcare Tenant

          During conversion of the 2nd Floor electrical room into an emergency power generation area, three 1500 lb. transformers and six fluid-filled switches were identified. AET's testing confirmed PCB levels


Murdock Street Properties

          GPR Investigation and removal of seven UST's at 4 adjoining properties in Cannonsburg, PA.  AET coordinated the removal process including preparation of bid documents, work plans and project monitoring.  Soil investigation identified UST leakage and a plan was submitted to the PADEP for approval.  This plan includes the installation of monitoring wells and periodic groundwater sampling to ascertain the effectiveness of remediation controls employed.


Old City Philadelphia

          Phase I Environmental Site Assessment at 48 commercial and residential properties encompassing 3 city blocks in Philadelphia, PA.  Properties were planned to be purchased by a large non-profit entity for redevelopment purposes.

Banking and Lending Institution - Properties in Foreclosure

          Annual term contract to perform Phase I ESA's within banking real estate portfolios (industrial, manufacturing, commercial and residential properties) designated for foreclosure. Expanded ASTM Standard E1527-05 protocol utilized to assess recognized environmental conditions such as the presence of mold/moisture impact, asbestos containing materials, lead-based paint, thiourea foam insulation (formaldehyde) and radon gas.


Lansdale, PA Redevelopment Site

          This former industrial site including an auto repair shop was comprised of 12 buildings over 6 acres.  AET's Phase II Invesstigation identified asbestos, lead, PCB transformers at the site.  Sampling was also performed for waste characterization of the boiler ash, as well as soil borings and groundwater sampling throughout the site.  Five UST's were removed/disposed.  Remediation was completed including demolition of 11 of the 12 buildings.  AET compiled site data following remdiation and PA Act 2 Release of Liability was obtained by the PADEP.  Extensive clean fill sampling was performed to remove soil from the site during redevelopment.  Redevelopment included the construction of condominiums retail space and a Wallgreens.

Regulatory Record Review Update, REC Remediation, Soil Assessment

          The Phase I ESA at this 0.6 acre Philadelphia Housing Authority site was completed in 2006 and identified several recognized environmental conditions. This site housed a Community Center which was being demolished and redeveloped into 15 townhouse units. AET identified hazardous materials including asbestos which were removed prior to demolition. The risk assessment regarding 4 leaking UST sites associated with neighboring gas stations judged the impact minimal due to existing soil conditions, use of public water at the property and the planned use of vapor barriers in the town homes. Soil sampling and laboratory analysis confirmed the soil at the site to be classified as clean fill.


Former Chemical Facility and Speciality Oil Manufacturer

          This 100+ acre site contained a large scale tank farm comprised of over 100,000 gallon above ground storage tanks.  AET was retained to perform a comprehensive asbestos building survey on the six remaining structures at the site as well as to perform waste characterization evaluation of all remaining storage tanks, vessels, process lines and drums.  Residual waste was evaluated in comparison with EPA RCRA regulations for hazardous waste determination.


Adams Avenue Project (Dry Cleaners)

          The Phase I ESA for this 0.4 acre land parcel indicated one of the buildings was previously used for dry cleaning activities  Phase II soil and groundwater sampling confrimed PCE (dry cleaning fluid) levels which exceeded the PADEP Act 2 Standard Technical Specifications for Environmental Remediation and Structure Demolition were prepared by AET which included excavation of PCE contaminated soil.  Groundwater monitoring wells were installed and vapor intrusion monitoring was performed at the site in preparation for planned redevelopment of the site for commercial use.  AET's Site Characterization and Cleanup Plan documents the investigation and resulting efforts completed.  Release of Liability was obtained from the PADEP under CERCLA for this site.


Former Houze Glass - BIOS Planning Grant

          This 17 acre site (industrial buildings/grounds) operated as a glass manufacturer from the late 19th century through 2001.  Redevelopment was planned by the owner and funding awarded by a Business in Our Sites (BIOS) Planning Grant by Pennsylvania's Commonwealth Financing Authority.  AET's Phase I/II ESA identified metals (such as arsenic, lead cadmium) and petroleum products as the principal recognized environmental conditions (REC's) at the site.  Soil borings and groundwater samples were collected and compared to PADEP Non-residential Statewide Health Standards.  A comprehensive radiation survey was completed as Vaseline glass was previously manufactured at the site.  Vasoline glass is a common name for glass in which uranium oxides had been added as a permanent coloring agent (i.e. classified as TENORM).  Future use limitations were evaluated by performance of a Health Based Risk Assessment.


Detroit Street Redevelopment Project

          This brownfield site is a 11.5 acre land parcel which was acquired and redeveloped for light industrial use.  Approximately 8.7 acres of the site is occupied by existing site structures (office, warehouse, manufacturing) or remnants of concrete pads from buildings destroyed by fire.  Phase I Environmental Site Assessment and Phase II sampling for enviornmental contaminants (such as asbesots, lead, PCB's, RCRA Metals, VOCs/SVOCs) was completed.  This investigation included an evaluation of the soil and groundwater at the site in comparison to PADEP State Wide Health Standards.  Release of Liability under the PA Land Recycling and Remediation Standard (Act 2) for releases of regulated substances resulting from the fire was obtained.  This site has been redeveloped and in 2007 will be an active manufacturing and office site.

Byberry State Hospital Site

          Philadelphia licensed asbestos project investigator and asbestos project inspector (API) services at this abandoned 100 acre site comprising 25 buildings and multiple above ground and below ground tunnels. Services include asbestos building surveys, preparation of project specifications/design documents, conducting the bid process and daily API services on this 7 month project.  Redevelopment of this brownfield site will include construction of residential homes as well as commercial office facilities.

Remedial Action Work Plan: North Princeton Developmental Center

          This former facility for developmentally disabled persons had been operated by the State of New Jersey for over 100 years and after being shutdown was deeded to Montgomery Township New Jersey for redevelopment. The site required extensive excavation of contaminated soils as a result of prior mismanagement of hazardous materials as well as improperly conducted renovations/demolition. AET was engaged by the hazardous waste remediation contractor to design a Remedial Action Work Plan when it was discovered that soil at the site contained previously undetected asbestos and metals contamination. The work plan procedures and sampling strategy prepared by AET were designed to ensure compliance with applicable state and federal regulations and to comprise the basis of a Negative Exposure Assessment for asbestos and lead; thereby reducing the respiratory protection requirements for the contractor personnel.

Philadelphia Naval Business Center/Naval Shipyard

          Asbestos consulting during the redevelopment of this 1200 acre waterfront property for civilian usage as a mixed use business complex. This site, the former US Naval Shipyard, closed in 1995 and the Navy has retained partial ownership for its Ship Systems Engineering Station. Remaining office, industrial, warehouse, research laboratories and historic buildings are being sold as part of a Master Redevelopment Plan. AET has performed asbestos building inspections and project management during asbestos removal in accordance with City of Philadelphia's asbestos regulations during property transfer and renovation of over 10 buildings including those acquired by Urban Outfitters for its corporate headquarters and Tastykake, Inc. for its manufacturing facility.


Independence National Historical Park (Since 1988)

          Emergency response on-call environmental services associated with the operations, maintenance, and renovations at 40 historical buildings including Independence Hall, Liberty Bell, Carpenters Hall, etc. for the National Park Service.

United States Golf Association, Far Hills, NJ

          Asbestos, mold and lead-based paint inspections, abatement plans and specifications, disposal of underground storage tanks and transformers, project management and monitoring during 3 year abatement in conjunction with preservation of 1919 Estate Home as part of a 3 year, $25 million museum renovation/addition (designed by John Russel Pope).

Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum, New York, NY

          Asbestos and Lead-based paint inspections, preparation of abatement specifications, project management and monitoring of abatement phase in construction with 2 year, $10 million comprehensive refurbishment of World War II Era Aircraft Carrier/Museum Facility.

Borough of Raritan, Raritan, NJ

          Lead-based paint inspection and preparation of work plan for OSHA Lead Standard compliance in conjunction with comprehensive interior and exterior refurbishment of General John Frelinghysen House (CIRCA 1750) currently housing the Raritan Public Library.  Asbestos Inspection, project specifications, project management and monitoring in conjunction with refurbishment of "Relief Hose Company No. 2", a high Victorian gothic-style fire house constructed in 1894.

Township of Hillsborough, Hillsborough, NJ

          Asbestos, mold and lead-based paint inspections, preparation of abatement plan in conjunction with refurbishment of Van Der Veer-Harris House (CIRCA 1790).

Cheyney University, Cheyney, PA

          Performed a comprehensive hazardous material investigation survey within the Burleigh Hall Building.  This former dormitory was vacant for many years and had become a depository for various unwanted articles and temporary storage.  As the building is located on the universities quad, the Pennsyvlania Department of General Services undertook a restorative effort to bring the building back into use.  AET worked as a design professional for environmental services in conjunction with our architect client to develop comprehensive remedial specification sincluding a Health and Safety plan.

Historic Railway Building Renovations, Central Pennsylvania

          AET was hired by an architectural firm to perform third party quality control inspections of this historic property after the completion of asbestos and lead abatement including extensive property renovations. Site documentation and drawings were reviewed and a site inspection performed. Several deficiencies were noted regarding remaining ACM, moisture intrusion and uncapped sanitary lines.


Fair Acres Retirement Center

          Proactive evaluation of the water storage, water supply and distal locations for Legionella Pneuophilia bacteria at this large retirement community.  Based on sporadic low level determinations identified, initial treatment was performed along with the development of an operations and maintenance plan.  AET also assisted the engineering firm review of on-site long term treatment methods.  Fair Acres Retirement Center consists of 18 buildings located on a 210 acre tract in Lima, PA. 

Regional Bank Headquarters

          Investigation regarding potential occupational exposure to legionella bacteria due to reported legionaries disease case from a bank employee. Investigation included sample collection from source water storage and distal sites. In the interim, proactive measures were implemented including heat treatment of hot water storage and replacement of an aged water heater. No direct cause and relationship could be determined.

High Rise Office Building

          Investigation of confirmed case of legionnaires disease in a kitchen food worker.  In this case the work setting was a newer kitchen facility situated within a high-rise office building.  AET was contracted to evaluate the setting for potential sources of legionella bacteria and transport/exposure means.  Testing was performed by both PCR analysis and bacterial culture methods on potable and non-potable water systems.  Further, proactive remediation controls (heat and hyper-chlorination treatment) were implemented along with the establsihment of site-specific cleaning and follow-up water testing schedules.  In review of the data obtained, AET was able to determine that the reported case was not associated with employment activities at the site.  Hence, the case was classified as a community-related sporadic event.


East Coast University (Biological Clean-up)

          Inspection and remedial design of pigeon roosting habitats within the historic attic and roof peak areas of the Administration Building.  AET prepared a detailed work plan including exclusion zones, decontamination areas as well as proactive steps to eliminate/manage future roosting including alterations to roof eves and cupola.

Private School (Crawlspace & Attic)

          Remediation contracting services including initial assessment, pre-project planning, compilation of a work plan, and project management during the removal/clean-up of bird and bat guano from the crawlspace of an 80'x40' building utilized as a boat house and gathering room. Approximately 400 cubic feet of bulk guano was removed. The horizontal and vertical surfaces in the attic were subsequently checked for evidence of bat urine utilizing a black light. The attic area was cleaned/disinfected with a 10% bleach solution, inspected for visible residue, and encapsulated with anti-microbial paint.


Delaware Trust Building (High Rise Office Building)

          Emergency response immediately following this catastrophic fire event.  Determination of the nature and extent of damage and assit in preparation of a comprehensive proof of loss document for insurance claim purposes.  Development of a site specific Health and Safety Plan.  Development of comprehensive remediation plans and specifications for asbsots, mold, smoke and soot including complete interior demolition of architectural finishes, air conveyance systems, and electrical distribution components.  Remediation manager services to oversee remediation activities and approve all contractor work and payments.  The entire remediation effort involved the coordination with all trades personnel, building tenants, and legal and insurance representatives

Jeffries Tower (NJ Housing Authority)
          Initial damage assessment, indoor air quality testing, surface wipe sampling, review/approval of remediation contractors scope of work and final inspection services related to the restoration of this 13 story elderly residential facility following a major fire.  Restoration included smoke and water damage to building materials as well as the complete cleaning of the buildings HVAC system.

Center City High Rise Hotel

          Emergency response following a fire in the 7th floor guest room in this 14 story hotel in the historic district of Philadelphia, PA. Services included expert decision making for barrier locations/isolation of specific areas of the hotel to permit continued occupancy of this facility. Smoke damage affected specific areas and water damaged extended to the lobby. Remediation efforts were performed under asbestos conditions as the ceilings within the guest room had troweled-on asbestos surfacing material. All work was performed in full accordance with Philadelphia Asbestos Project Inspector services and included visual inspection and final clearance TEM testing.


Habana Plaza (Hurricane-Florida)

          Water damage and mold assessment of this single story multi-tenant commercial office facility. This facility was severely impacted by Hurricane Wilma in October 2005. The water surge from the hurricane reached a level inside the building of 12"-24" severely impacting the floors and drywall walls. AET's investigation was completed in August 2006 after the majority of wall systems had been removed/replaced. Specific recommendations were detailed for remaining work to address tenant concerns. The tenants of this facility include several state of Florida agencies/departments.

Bacmonila Apartments (Hurricane - Louisiana)

          Water damage and mold assessment at this 15 apartment building facility impacted by Hurricane Andrew in 1992. Development of project specifications for remediation, bid coordination, contractor selection, and project management/final clearance during the 9 month remediation process.


High-Rise Hotel Facility

          Water damage and mold assessment at this high-rise hotel facility following a sprinkler discharge in a hotel suite. AET's investigation was coordinated with the facilities insurance carrier to ensure remediation efforts were completed in a most expedient, efficient manner. Work also involved removal of asbestos containing troweled-on ceiling materials in some locations. The hotel facility remained operational throughout the three week remediation process.


School District (Sewage Back Flow)

          Environmental Assessment including determination of the extent of damage following a sewage backflow which flooded the gymnasium, 1st floor classrooms and cafeteria at the middle school. AET prepared remediation plan for required work and assisted with public relations on behalf of the School District with the School Board, Teachers and Parents. Project oversight was implemented and independent verification of project completion was performed by visual inspection and analytical sampling.

Breech Sewer Main (Affecting 20 residences)

          Emergency response, visual inspection, and clearance sampling for a sewage release episode due to a breech in a sewer main affecting the basements of 20 homes in Aston, PA.  This project was covered extensively by the local news media.  AET assessed the initial damage, compiled a scope of work for each residence, performed visual inspections within each residence at the conclusion of remediation activities, and performed clearance sampling for EColi, Total Coliform, Fecal Coliform, and Fecal Streptococcus.


World Trade Center

          Environmental sampling and laboratory services at the One Liberty Plaza building located adjacent to the World Trade Center (Ground Zero) in lower Manhattan. Airborne concentrations of sulfur dioxide, benzene, petroleum hydrocarbons, lead, asbestos and respirable dust following the 9/11/01 terrorism incident were monitored. Settled dust on carpeting, office furniture, computers, HVAC registers, etc. was also conducted to determine the effectiveness of cleaning which had been performed by the building owner's maintenance staff. Subsequent surface dust sampling was performed to determine the adequacy of specialized cleanup activities performed by the hired remediation contractor. Surface samples were analyzed by Electron Microscopy for asbestos, fiberglass, and granulated concrete potentially embedded in various porous fabrics such as upholstered chairs and carpeting.


Infection Control During Renovation/Demolition

          Project design and oversight/documentation associated with construction work performed adjacent to surgical suites.  Renovation areas isolated with air-tight barriers and exhaust air flow/negative pressure in accordance with American Institute of Architect Guidelines  Direct reading instrumentation was utilized during project management for quick risk assessment decision-making and prompt action.

Historical Research Documents (Lead)

          Document inspection, testing and development/implementation of site-specific work plan for cleaning and storage of lead-contaminated historical research documents at a major hospital facility.


Sprinkler Retrofit (GSA Moorehead Federal Building)

          Construction management during the installation of a sprinkler system throughout this high rise federal office building in downtown Pittsburgh, PA. Sprinkler installation was performed under asbestos containment conditions due to sprayed-on asbestos fireproofing located on the structural decking throughout the facility. AET worked closely with the sprinkler design firm (Grinnell) during the survey phase for sprinkler retrofit. This project was anticipated to last 3.5 years, but was completed 1 year ahead of schedule. Daily work was completed after normal business hours on weekdays and weekends. The building remained occupied throughout the project. Occupancy included highly sensitive and strict security federal agencies such as the FBI, IRS, ATF, Federal Marshalls and Federal Court. Project management including final clearance testing was also performed during removal of asbestos in designated mechanical rooms and elevator hoistways. Project timeframe was from 1991 to 1993.

Property Conversation (Corporate Research Laboratories to Telecommunications Center)

          Environmental consulting and construction management services during complete interior demolition of architectural finishes, mechanical systems, and electrical distribution components to convert the former Smith Klein Beecham Research Laboratories and Office facility at 1500 Spring Garden Street in Philadelphia, PA into a telecommunications center. AET performed a hazardous materials inspection, prepared project plans and specifications and performed daily project management during the 9 month remediation process in 1999.  Environmental parameters remediated included asbestos, lead, cadmium, PCBs (oils and ballasts), mercury items and sediments and designated radioactive material. Waste products in tanks and vessels as well as process lines and piping were also remediated including Freon, cyanide, glycol and residual biological and pharmaceutical products.

High Rise Hotel (ADA Upgrades)

          Environmental consulting and project management was performed during the implementation of ADA upgrades throughout a high rise hotel complex in downtown Philadelphia, PA. Planned ADA renovations included work activities which would disturb asbestos containing textured ceiling material. AET's services entailed the coordination of spot removal, in lieu of complete removal throughout hotel guest rooms, so that daily operation of the facility would not be impacted. AET worked closely with the ADA consultant and asbestos abatement contractor throughout the project to ensure the minimal shutdown of each guest room during the work. The project was performed over a 1-year period, in which the hotel was able to remain operational at all times.


Highland Ridge Redevelopment Project (Residential Properties)

          Environmental consulting and engineering services as part of a term contract with the redevelopment authority to facilitate the demolition of over 30 residential homes and commercial properties in Washington, PA. AET performed hazardous material surveys of each property including asbestos and LBP inspections and lead/arsenic surface soil sampling. Project specifications for environmental remediation and demolition were prepared; public bidding process coordinated and general observation monitoring implemented. UST identification and removal was performed at some commercial properties.  Project completed2004-2006)

Penn Beaver Hotel/Salvation Army (Demolition Estimate)

          AET was hired by the County Transit Authority to provide a demolition estimate for two large commercial buildings in downtown Beaver, PA. The Penn Beaver Hotel is a 5 story (with basement) 33,000 square feet hotel which had been converted into medical offices. The Salvation Army building is a 15,000 square feet brick veneer slab-on-grade building. Demolition estimates also included a separate budgetary cost to remove asbestos containing materials present in each building.


General Electric Breaker Plant & Skeats High Power Laboratory, Philadelphia, PA

          Environmental consulting services at the Skeats High Power Lab and Breaker Plant in Philadelphia, PA.  Hazardous material inspections performed; project plans and specifications completed and project management (air monitoring, visual inspections and final clearance) completed during environmental contaminant remediation.  The Breaker Plant comprised about 2 city blocks in a highly residential area.  AET also provided project management during facilitiy demolition.  Daily services included review/oversight of the demolition contractors plans and controls, visual inspections, and ambient air quality monitoriing at property boundaries for asbestos, lead, and fugitive dust (PM-10) in accordance with EPA National Ambient Air Quality Standards.

Potomac Works, West Virginia

          Project Management including asbestos abatement monitoring during asbestos removal and subsequent demolition of over 85% of this former explosive manufacturing facility. Work was performed over a 5 month period without any recordable work industries and top safety marks from the client.

Akzo Nobel Chemicals, Delaware City, DE

          Delaware project monitoring services during plant wide asbestos removal operations from vessels, tanks, and process piping throughout this 52 acre former carbon disulfide manufacturing plant. This facility was dismantled and closed under supervision of Delaware’s Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC)..


West Chester University (Demolition Options - PCB Containing Caulk)

          Hazardous materials inspection within 2 high rise dormitory facilities included the sampling of the building caulk material for the potential presence of PCBs. AET's in-house Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) reviewed the analytical results, evaluated disposal options and refined the demolition scope of work.

John Wanamaker School (Clean Fill or Asbestos-Containing Waste)

          Demolition of this 4-story 300,000 SF former Philadelphia public school was halted due to concerns of concealed ACM and planned use of cinderblock, brick and other residual masonry products as clean fill at the site. AET was hired to inspect/sample the mansonry bead and seam caulk associated with cinder block and brick throughout the facility to confirm/dismiss asbestos content. Where asbestos was confirmed, demolition and recycling scope of work was to amended to include the removal of the caulk prior to recycling of the specific masonry product.

Former Haverford Strate Hospital (Quarry Use, 60% Disposal Cost Savings)

          Serving as the environmental consultant during the asbestos removal and demolition of over 20 site buildings, AET researched alternative means for the disposal of non-friable Category 1 black tar foundation mastic. This material cannot be recycled or used as fill and is typically segregated from the other building materials, carded and disposed of at a C&D Landfill. AET found that materials can be used in the fill enclosure of open quarries. Further investigation found that transport and placement in a local nearby quarry was feasible and resulted in a cost savings of over 60% when compared to the high cost disposal at a C&D landfill.

Former Byberry State Hospital (Beneficial Re-use, Deminimus Asbestos)

          Serving as the environmental consultant during the asbestos removal and demolition of over 25 site buildings AET researched alternative means for non-friable Category 1 black tar foundation mastic. AET found that materials can be used for beneficial re-use when tested and found in deminimus amounts. Sampling was performed by AET's PA Licensed Building Inspector and analyzed in our AIHA/NIST accredited laboratory. Conclusion: This material was able to be placed on the site and utilized for beneficial re-use in construction of a berm utilized to separate adjoining property lines.


Large Metropolitan Zoological Society

         Moisture damage assessment of the Administration Building (the epicenter of system operations for the zoo), Children’s Zoo Office Building, Grove Retail Shop Building and Educational Office in the Main Service Building following severe flooding from torrential rains from hurricane Irene. High water marks measured in excess of 18 inches when water entered the first floor of the Administration Building and cascaded through the structure to the finished and mechanical basement areas. Implementation of a single source contract to remediate, reconstruct and restore the building back to proper working order and operation. Activities included wall removal, flooring work, insulation, electrical component and furniture replacement within mechanical spaces to office areas, central computer/telecommunication room, classrooms, animal areas, retail and public spaces. Detailed documentation provided during the work in support of insurance compensated activities. Over a 2½ month period and resulted in fully functional facilities back in operation for the upcoming visitor season.

Parking Garage, Concealed Boiler Room (Asbestos)

          Asbestos thermal system insulation and contaminated debris was identified in a former boiler room on the basement level of a 100 year old structure. Entrances to the room had been sealed over with block walls by a previous owner and discovery of the room during Phase I site reconnaissance halted the sale of the property. AET was contracted to develop an asbestos abatement work plan, remove asbestos contaminated material/debris and verify project completion prior to the sale of this property to a major New Jersey University.

Bentley Towers Apartments (Mold)

          This elderly care facility is an 8 story building. Each apartment unit is heated/cooled with a Whalen Unit. Malfunctioning of this unit had resulted in water damage and mold growth on drywall, ceiling systems, and pipe insulation within the ceiling. AET was contracted to remove all water/mold impacted building materials. Project monitoring was also completed during remediation process as well as post remediation validation testing to confirm the completion of said work.

Washington County Housing Authority (Asbestos)

          Asbestos contracting services to identify and remove asbestos containing materials prior to major building interior and exterior renovations at various housing developments (including conversion to handicap units).  Comprehensive documentation maintained including project management and final clearance.

Bank Renovation - Central Pennsylvania (Asbestos)

          Pre-project planning, project management and asbestos contracting services during the removal of textured ceiling material and floor tile throughout the 3,000 SF Bank Branch. Scaffolding was erected over the teller, office, vault and customer areas to establish a work platform whereby asbestos removal was completed without interruption of daily bank operations. This project was phased over multiple weekends (when the bank was closed). TEM air clearance was completed to document each work phase.

Consol Energy - Coal Preparation Plant, WV

          Asbestos contracting to remove approximately 250 corrugated transite panels located on the Hoist House and other structures. These 4'x10' panels weighing up to 150 lbs each were found at heights exceeding 100' above ground level.

NiSource - Compressor Stations, WV

          Asbestos contracting to remove interior pipe insulation at these Columbia Gas Facilities. In addition, environmental consulting/exposure assessment monitoring was performed for PCB’s, Lead and Silica to evaluate PCB remediation options to determine best work practices and protocols for later implementation at other facilities.


Condominium Complex-Construction Defect

          Intrusive investigation within walls and attic spaces for evidence of water incursion and visible mold growth at two buildings comprising 48 condominium units in Sommerville, New Jersey.  This investigation was implemented as a result of an insurance claim from construction defects associated with defective roof sheathing on the buildings.  Work was performed under a court order for both the plaintiff and defendant.  Services included document review, visual assessment, analytical testing and infrared thermography.  Site documentation also included the preperation of CAD drawings and representative photos of key findings observed.  Provided detailed reporting regarding moisture conditions observed and identified areas of mold amplification along with general cost estimates for remedial services.

HVAC Ductwork Evaluation (Mold)

          A major sprinkler discharge at the Fairfield Inn and Suites Hotel during construction resulted in a water damage/mold remediation project. All moisture impacted sheetrock ceilings and walls were removed by a restoration contractor and the building interior was dried/dehumidified. AET was hired to evaluate the hotel's HVAC ductwork system for moisture impact/mold growth by visual inspection, moisture measurements and surface dust sampling.  AET was able to prove that the HVAC duct system in only 1 hotel suite was affected (thereby significantly decreasing remediation costs and permitting site reconstruction activities to accelerate). 

Residential Claim: Water Damage, Mold, Construction Defect (Roof Leak)

          Roof leak at this residence resulted in the collapse of a portion of the master bedroom ceiling. The homeowner also alleged IAQ symptoms associated with mold growth including Stachybotrys). AET's building scientists were able to prove the roof leak was associated with construction defects made during roof repairs performed by the homeowner himself (resulting in a significant savings to our insurance client).

GuideOne Isurance

          Environmental  Inspections and response action recommendations/design following a fire in the GraceEvangelical Luteran Church in Hatfield, PA.  Asbestos was identified in the floor tile/mastic and troweled-on plaster.  Lead contaminated soot was found in the HVAC ductwork due to the HVAC system operations during the fire event.


Phase I ESA

          AET was hired by the seller to resolve a dispute of findings regarding a UST location at a mixed use commercial building in Philadelphia, PA. The seller's Phase I identified no recognized environmental conditions; the buyer's Phase I ESA identified a UST below the building basement. AET's site reconnaissance, review of building permits, and geophysical investigation confirmed the location of the UST. The building was subsequently sold based on AET's Phase II investigation which confirmed, via soil sampling, no contamination in the soil around the UST above Statewide Health Standards.

IAQ Investigation/Construction Defect

          AET was contracted to evaluate an odor problem in a high-rise apartment building in Wilmington Delaware. This structural concrete, 23-story building was constructed on a former Delaware Hazardous Cleanup Site (HSCA). This site had historic VOC contamination as a result of prior land use. An initial remediation consulting firm responded to odor complaints from occupants within the building and through sampling identified only low levels of VOCs. AET's subsequent investigation identified ammonia, not VOCs as the contaminant source responsible for the reported odor. AET determined that the emission of ammonia was a direct result of ongoing chemical reactive processes due to the presence of urea within the imported cement mixture. This cement mixture was incorporated in the formulation of the majority of concrete which was utilized in the construction of the building.

Proof of Claim - Roof Component Replacement  

          Excessive snowfall damaged the metal single seam roof at this Medical Equipment Manufacturer. The client's insurance carrier authorized repair of the roof but not replacement of the moisture damaged nylon membrane and associated fiberglass insulation on the ceiling deck (underside of roof). AET, as a part of a proof of claim investigation, was able to conclusively prove approximately 50% of the ceiling still contained residual moisture which was contaminated with high levels of bacteria. Based on AET's findings, the insurance carrier agreed to replace the nylon vapor barrier and ceiling insulation.


Delaware Trust Building, Wimington, DE (Fire-Nature and Extent of Contamination)

          Detailed investigative services regarding environmental contamination as a result of a catastrophic high rise office building fire.  Subject contaminants include, smoke, soot, asbestos, mold and lead.  Sampling methodology, findings and report was utilized for "proof of loss" submission.  Professional services included depositions and testimony within the case.  In addition comprehensive design documents for remediation service were developed and performed for the restoration of the building.

William Penn House, Philadelphia, PA (Fire-Extent of Contamination)

          Provided independent third party sampling for smoke and soot contamination following a fire event within a high rise apartment complex.  Results and findings were utilized for determination of the extent of demolition and restoration activities required to remove the contaminants of combustion.

Bureau of Prisons, Washington,DC (Accident Review-Electrical Safety)

          Post accident review of electrical shock injury during the performance of asbestos abatement activities including detailed review of historic documentation, depositions and case files.  Provided expert testimony during deposition regarding proper asbestos remediation practices in relation to high voltage electrical areas.

Residence, Bucks County, PA (Construction Defect)

          Intrusive moisture/mold investigation beneath synthetic stucco comprising the exterior cladding on a large upscale residential structure.  The project entailed the complete removal of exterior stucco by retained speciality contractor.  AET provided for documentation of underlying conditions including descriptive and photographic documentation and sampling of mold amplification.  Provided a detailed report of observed conditions and analytical findings.

Residence, South Plainfield, NJ (Buried Waste)

          Expert services involving buried factory waste identified on a single lot within a residential setting.  The case involved sampling documentation for determination of potential asbestos materials along with quantity estimates.

Asbestos Injury Cases

          AET performs asbestos expert services for both plaintiff and defense attorneys. Services include professional licensed asbestos building inspection/sampling at residential, commercial and industrial sites. Project documentation includes detailed sampling procedures, chain of custody as well as video taping of AET's inspector during the collection and identification process.


Developer Vacant Office Building - Philadelphia, PA

          Inventory and characterization of waste chemicals, manufacturing by-products, waste oils and pesticides. Identified wastes were categorized into disposal classifications; a disposal price which incorporated packaging, transportation and TSDF disposal was produced. AET also reduced wastes at the site by combining compatible waste streams thus saving the client thousands of dollars in disposal costs.

Regional Financial Institution Locations - Philadelphia, PA

          Inventory of waste chemicals and oils at multiple sites followed by packaging of these wastes, including placement of wastes in overpack drums and lab pack containers. Wastes were shipped on a multiple stop less than load (LTL) vehicle which saved the client cost of separate shipments on multiple dedicated disposal runs.

Former Operations Center - Southern NJ Facility

          Emergency response to complaint from local fire marshal for improper storage of flammable paints, adhesives and cleaners. AET inventoried over 100 items totalling 500 gallons stored in the mechanical/electrical room.  All containers were lab-packed and properly disposed of.  Prompt resolution resulted in no fines or penalties to our client.

Private Educational Facility

          Proper handling, transport and disposal of over 1600 inventoried chemicals stored in the chemical laboratory prior to the demolition of the Science Building. Chemicals were separated into US DOT shipping categories (i.e., flammable, acid, base, oxidizer, reactive, toxic, etc) and properly manifested. Unknown chemicals (without labels) were tested for identification purposes. Chemical handling, packaging and transport to a TSD facility was performed over one eight-hour weekend shift when the building was unoccupied. An additional 1,000 chemicals designated for reuse were relocated to a modular unit to be utilized in 2011 by the Science Department.


Dow Chemical Cable and Wire Facility

          Site Safety Officer during the decommissioning of laboratory and manufacturing structures including daily oversight of the general contractor, hazmat remediation contractor and demolition contractor. Conducted weekly safety meetings, maintained visitor access and site safety logs, and continuously monitored work activities relative to use of personal protective equipment, electrical hazards, fall protection, ladders and scaffolding, etc. Asbestos project oversight in accordance with NJ DOL requirements.

Union County (NJ) Department of Parks and Recreation

          Site safety officer during cleanup of brownfield site being developed for use as a county park and community center. This former industrial site consisted of a multi-use land parcel that included a former floor tile manufacturing facility and a former heating oil distribution facility. The site included over 6 acres of asbestos contaminated soil and 4 acres of petroleum contaminated soil. Prepared Health and Safety Plan (HASP), approved by the NJ DEP, performed asbestos awareness training for all trades at the site, asbestos project oversight in accordance with NJ DEP requirements.


VA Medical Center, Coatesville, PA

          Lead-based paint inspection of exterior painted components of 35 buildings prior to major re-painting project.  Asbestos and LBP inspections of the Business Office Suite was also conducted prior to renovations.

US Postal Service (Philadelphia, PA & Lancaster, PA Districts)

          Asbestos surveys at over 400 postal facilities.  Work was performed under BPA Contract and included the development of site specific O&M plans for each facility.


NJ Asbestos Safety Control Monitor Services (Public Housing)

          New Jersey Asbestos Safety Technician (AST) services in accordance with Subchapter 8 Asbestos Regulations at 4 public housing developments (Pitney Village, Buzby Village, Stanley Holmes Village and Shore Park Highrise) owned by Atlantic City Housing Authority.  Services included asbestos building surveys, development of asbestos plans and specifications and NJ AST monitoring during asbestos abatement.  Variances were necessary from the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs.  Asbestos removal included removal of surfacing materials on mechanical systems, sprayed-on acoustical insulation, and flooring materials.  Low/midrise projects entailed the abatement of fireproofing and mechanical insulation from the basements and crawl spaces of 76 residential buildings.

Thomas Jefferson Building and James Madison Building (Commonwealth of Virginia)

          Professional services associated with the comprehensive renovation of these 2 highrise state office buildings located in Historic Richmond Capitol Square.  AET performed asbestos consulting/air monitoring during removal of spray-applied amosite fireproofing on the structural decking throughout the 15 story Thomas Jefferson Building.  Services at the 29 story James Madison Building involved sampling of building materials for asbestos and development of cost estimates for abatement as part of a renovation design study completed by Hankens and Anderson, the Engineering Design Firm contracted by the State.  Both projects were completed in 1986-1987.