Experienced licensed Asbestos Project Designers, Management Planners and Building Inspectors


The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania adopted specific training, licensing and certification of individual asbestos professionals pursuant to the Pennsylvania Asbestos Occupation Accreditations and Certifications Act of 1990. These regulations are enforced by the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry and require asbestos contractors to be licensed and utilize Pennsylvania licensed asbestos supervisors/workers. In addition, these regulations establish the following asbestos professional disciplines.

Asbestos Project Designer - These licensed professionals design response actions, prepare work plans and specifications for asbestos work.

Asbestos Management Planner - These licensed professionals review building inspection reports, evaluate ACM risk, selects control strategies and develop programs and policies for the facility owner to control/minimize ACM hazards.

Asbestos Building Inspector - These licensed professionals identify the presence, quantity and location of ACM/PACM in your building or the work site. Inspections are designed/implemented to meet the Communication of Hazard Provisions of OSHA’s Asbestos Construction Standard (29 CFR 1926.1101), EPA’s AHERA Requirements (40 CFR Part 763) or EPA’s NESHAP Standard (40 CRF Part 61).


  1. AET is a Pennsylvania corporation headquartered in Media PA. We began our asbestos services in 1984 (over 28 years of project expertise). Thousands of projects have been completed and others are ongoing on a daily basis.
  2. AET maintains offices on both sides of the Commonwealth to ensure prompt client services and response. Our headquarters is in Media, PA (just 20 minutes outside Philadelphia) and our Western Pennsylvania office is located 40 minutes outside Pittsburgh.
  3. AET’s staff includes professionals who maintain specific licensing in every asbestos discipline required by the PA standards. Sufficient personnel are maintained to manage multiple projects and address all project contingencies, to ensure cost effective, on-time, on-budget, completed projects.
Project Designer Management Planner Building Inspectors
Eric Houseknecht (#012369) Roy Mosicant (#001041)

Anthony Keir (#051693)

Alan Sutherland (#Pending) Lou Pergola (#14699) Roy Mosicant (#001041)

Lou Pergola (#014699)

    Ron Khachadourian (#055889)

     4.   AET maintains an in-house AIHA/NIST licensed asbestos laboratory. This allows AET's Project Managers to provide
           prompt results followed by quick decision-making while maintaining the necessary QC/QA to ensure the accuracy and
           reliability of your sampling results. We routinely save our clients time and money while complying fully with
           OSHA/EPA/PA Asbestos Regulations.

To prospective job applicants, contact us at 610-891-0114 for an interview and an opportunity to join the best asbestos professional consulting/laboratory firm in State of Pennsylvania.

To prospective clients, email AET at or call 800-969-6AET for professional consultation or immediate onsite service and we will prove we are the best.