Total Quality Management

          Accredited Environmental Technologies, Inc. (AET) is dedicated to providing quality environmental services in a professional manner and at a reasonable price to our customers.

A.  AET's total quality management program is based on the following criteria:

1) Quality is customer driven
2) Our customers are both external and internal
3) Quality decisions are top priority
4) Emphasis is on prevention of errors
5) Quality is everyone's job
6) Problem solving is a team effort

B.  Personnel - AET utilizes an in depth hiring procedure for all employees.

C.  Training - Each employee is given in depth training in the latest laws, safety and quality control in regard to the environmental industry.  This training is accomplished through video tapes, professional training sessions, annual certifications, and management overview of performance.

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D.  Incentive pay for top performance.

E.  Dedicated Project Managers for each of our customers to maintain a clear responsibility for the work

F.  Grading system of performance including feedback

G.  Prompt problem Identification and implementation of corrective action

1) Outline the problem
2) Determination of cause
3) Review corrective scenarios
4) Implementation of corrective action
5) Confirmation of correction action in solving the problem

H. Customer contact and feedback

1) Toll free 800 number service
2) Overall supervision by a Certified Industrial Hygienist
3) Accounts are managed by Project Managers
4) Written work plans and specifications
5) Services are routinely implemented within 24 hours of service request.

Dedicated Team of Experts Commited to The Highest Standards of
Quality and Professionalism

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