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Light Ballasts

          PCBs were used in the manufacture of light fixture ballasts.  Typically, light ballasts contain 1-3Philadelphia PCB Disposal and Management fluid ounces of PCB liquid which is sealed within the capacitor. Handling of non-damaged (i.e. sealed) ballasts should not pose a hazard. However, damage is not always readily evident.  Where renovations involve removal of fluorescent light fixtures, a management plan should be formulated to protect workers and the environment, and ensure proper disposal of these items.  Note: After 1978 all manufacturers of ballasts were required to identify PCB content (i.e. labeled "contains no PCB's"). Should this marking not be found, the assumption should be made that a ballast does contain PCB's.

          AET recommends light ballast recycling to minimize the hazardous waste stream generated and the clients future liability.  This process separates the components of the ballast.  The metal portion is recycled to various smelting foundries, the remaining potting material, wrappings and capacitor are then disposed of by incineration means.


          EPA Toxic Substance Control Act (40CFR761) prohibits the manufacture, processing, distribution, use, disposal, storage and marketing of PCBs and PCB items. 

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