Indoor Air Quality/Odor Assessments

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         AET conducts indoor air quality assessments to address occupant concerns and/or reported physiological symptoms which may be attributed to indoor air quality conditions.  This assessment includes a review of key components of the building's HVAC system and operational parameters with respect to maintenance and control of pollutant sources.  (see project profile)Philadelphia Indoor Air Quality Testing

Scope of Services

(1) Volatile OrganicsPhiladelphia Indoor Air Odor Testing
(2) Airborne Particulate
(3) Viable and Non-Viable Fungal Spores
(4) Airborne Bacteria and Endotoxins
(5) Formaldehyde
(6) Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS-Nicotine)
(7) Asbestos
(8) Carbon monoxide

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Common Odors routinely evaluated include:

(1) MVOCs associated with hidden mold growth
(2) Leaks from sewer gas, natural gas, freon
(3) Hydrogen sulfide and other sulfur compounds from decomposition
(4) Amines and carboxylic acid from decomposition
(5) Environmental tobacco smoke

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