Asset Recovery

          As a value-added service to our clients, AET provides asset recovery solutions for unwanted assets during corporate downsizing, equipment changeover, facility closings and/or major renovations.  Our goal is to obtain maximum returns for the residual values of your assets and create a back-end revenue stream (profit to our clients).  Our objective is to maximize recycling and refurbishment/reuse of assets in lieu of conventional disposal solutions.  Our single source approach is designed to minimize our client's in-house personnel involvement while maintaining consistent, reliable control of our client's assets.

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A description of our services include:

  1. Performance of a site survey to identify our client's needs and establish an inventory of assets.
  2. Provide a cost analysis to our clients of the associated residual value of assets and prepare formal proposals/contracts to initiate service.
  3. Access the site, disassemble, package and ship as necessary to complete the project in the most cost effective fashion. 
  4. Refurbishment of computer-related equipment including DOD compliant erasure of hard drives to ensure highly sensitive data is non-recoverable.
  5. Resale or recycling of assets and disbursement of revenue to our client per the inventory of assets and our contractual requirements.

A partial listing of assets with proven resale residual values include:

Expert Skills, Rapid Response, Practical Solutions that Minimize Costs

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